How Much Does Equipment Downtime Cost You?

SmartEquip is integrated with Point of Rental software.

The following post is a guest blog by our partner company, SmartEquip, an online support network that connects fleet owners to suppliers and dealers with real-time access to parts and service information.

Equipment downtime isn’t just about the cost of the repair a machine – it includes time spent searching for the parts, identifying the correct parts, administrative time ordering the parts, then finding the correct supplier for the parts. These time-wasters can dramatically keep your equipment from producing and impact the profitability of your business.

So how do you eliminate that wasted time? Online fleet support networks can integrate into your day-to-day operations and help you find the right part for the right equipment, exactly when you need it.

How do fleet support networks work with your ERP system to improve your technician wrench-time? By:

Diagnosing repairs and identifying parts.

Technicians spend up to 50% of their time diagnosing repairs and identifying parts – making thousands of parts requests a year.  Fleet support networks can double technician “wrench time” by providing simplified access to all the technical information including digital operator manual, service manuals and schematics, all in a single location and sign-on.  Additionally, SmartEquip offers easy-to-use automated parts lists with real-time availability, including supersession information.  The parts lists are automatically updated and have interactive serial number specific parts diagrams for accurate part ordering.

Automating ordering and management of parts.

Technicians and parts administrators spend hours creating parts lists, work orders, and purchase orders using manual processes and multiple systems costing, on average, over $125 per order to prepare.  SmartEquip automates the processes and eliminates over 80% of the administrative work associated with the parts ordering process; thus eliminating paperwork and reducing the time spent producing accurate parts orders.

Eliminating errors.

Over 15% of all parts orders contain errors.  Assets sitting idle for days, due to repair, maintenance, and administrative issues increase the cost of doing business.  SmartEquip eliminates order errors, delays, and added costs by providing accurate, properly formatted information. This helps you increase equipment uptime resulting in higher utilization, all while decreasing administrative costs.  SmartEquip also works on any mobile device and computer, allowing technicians to access their part manuals anywhere, anytime.

As a leader of innovation in the fleet support network industry, SmartEquip can also be used as a fleet’s sole support network. It can generate pre-populated requisitions, work orders, and purchase orders and deliver them all to the appropriate supplier. The SmartEquip Network currently provides access to more than 350 OEM/Supplier brands and parts information, and is growing rapidly.  SmartEquip connects over 40,000 users across more than 4,000 locations in North America and Europe.

Find out more about suppliers available through The SmartEquip Network or general information! Visit, email, or meet SmartEquip’s team at Point of Rental’s International Conference this November.

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